50+ Scholarships For Study Abroad Around the World, 2018-2019

Scholarships For Study Abroad Around the World

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You can agree with me that money can be a major deciding factor when you are choosing where to study abroad (or if to study abroad at all). In the costs of undergraduate education, many students are caught between an (empty-wallet) rock and a (lacking-savings-account) hard place. The truth is that, there are funds available for all kinds of students to study abroad {YES}. And you’re not alone: most students are hoping to find a way to study abroad for cheap. Besides, who wouldn’t want to off-set semester tuition bills to instead bulk up the wine and cheese budget?!

If you just happen to be a student seeking a learning experience that’s more internationally flavored, then you’ll be pleased to know that there are study abroad scholarships and grants offered by many governments, organizations, and specific universities just for you on this post!

The following are a diverse selection of study abroad scholarship opportunities to get you started with, whether you are a minority, graduate student, or the plain, run-of-the-mill college student:

1The Intern Group Global Leadership Grants
Deadline: February 2nd, 2018
Awards: $2500
Degree Level: Any
In order to promote global leadership, The Intern Group is offering four $2500 grants for students and recent graduates interested in interning abroad in Dublin, Latin America, Australia, or Shanghai during the summer or fall of 2018. The Intern Group offers incredible six week internship programs in each destination, giving participants the opportunity to gain essential work experience and a renewed global perspective.

2. CEA Study Abroad Scholarships
Deadlines: Varies Per Scholarship
April 10th (summer)
May 10th (fall)
November 15th (spring)
$500 – $750 for short term programs
$1,000 – $3000 for year-long programs
Degree Level: Bachelors

CEA is committed to changing students’ lives by providing them with essential financial aid needed to study abroad. More than two million dollars is given to students for study abroad programs each year by CEA. CEA Study Abroad scholarships are divided into three categories: merit, need, and diversity.

3. Winston Churchill Foundation Scholarship
Deadline: Varies Per Scholarship
Award: ranges from $50,000 to $60,000 
Degree Level: Masters
Started in 1963, the Churchill Scholarship provides funding for American students interested in enrolling in a master’s degree programs in science, engineering, and mathematics at the University of Cambridge. Fourteen applicants are awarded with this scholarship annually.

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